Why Refinance Home Loans?

There are a few reasons to consider switching from one lender to another. The most common reason is to get a better interest rate and thereby lower your repayments. By refinancing your mortgage to one with a lower rate it is possible to save thousands of dollars each year.

For example on a $600,000 home loan balance, refinancing to an interest rate just 0.5% lower than your current rate would save you $3,000 in the first year alone!

Is It A Lot Of Work To Refinance?

It is. That's why using a broker like us is a great idea. We do all the research and processing for you. Your broker will discuss your needs, then present you with a selection of loans that meet your requirements. Once you have made a choice, your broker will let you know what documents are required to proceed.

Why Refinance With Cash-Back?

Refinancing to get a better rate will save you money in interest, but you can save even more by refinancing with a Cash-Back Mortgage Broker like us. With a Cash-Back Home Loan you will also receive the trailing commission refund of up to 0.3%p.a. of your loan balance, paid direct to your nominated account each month. Read more about how a cash-back home loan works here.

A cash-back mortgage broker is happy to chat to you about your loan switching options. Just give us a call or use the contact us page.

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