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The commission refund amounts contained in this calculator are a guide only. No warranty or guarantee is offered as to the accuracy of this information. The amounts stated are net of the $10 monthly administration fee, and are based on your loan balance. As your loan balance decreases over the term of the loan, so too will your commission refund amounts in proportion. This calculator assumes minimum principal repayments are made over the loan term. Commission refunds are paid by the mortgage broker to the customer. ©Cash Back Mortgage Broking 2019

How Do I Get A Home Loan With Cash Back?

To get a home loan with cash back you need to use a cash back mortgage broker. The cash back payments you will receive each month are the trailing commission payments from your lender that most home loan brokers keep as part of their income. Very few brokers offer cash back, but ours do, and that's what makes them different.

With a cash back morrtgage broker you can have the same lender, loan type and rate as you would get from another broker. Plus you will receive the monthly cash back payments directly into your nominated bank account.

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