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How Do Brokers Get Paid?

At settlement the lender you selected pays the cash back mortgage broker an upfront commission payment for brokering your loan. The broker shares part of this with Cash Back Mortgage Broking for the referral. Usually a mortgage broker also receives an ongoing monthly amount from the lender for the life of the loan. This is called the trailing commission and is up to 0.3%p.a of the loan balance. Cash back mortgage brokers will refund trailing commission to you, less a $10 monthly admin fee, crediting it directly to your nominated bank account.

Get Your Monthly Trailing Commission Refund

Talk to one of the Cash Back Mortgage Brokers about how much you could receive each month on your home loan.

Why Don't Brokers Recommend Lenders That Pay The Most?

The difference in commission payments between lenders is small. When researching lenders for you, cash back mortgage brokers must present you with the best home loan options that meet your needs. It would be unethical and illegal to present lenders based on the amount of commission they pay. Mortgage brokers are required by ASIC to be impartial. Failure to do so would risk their reputation, credit licence and could result in significant fines and penalties.

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