What is a Cash Back Mortgage Broker?

Firstly, well done for uncovering this tiny segment of the mortgage broking market. Most people have never heard of a cash back mortgage broker, and don't know it's possible to get a cash back mortgage from some home loan brokers.

A cash back mortgage broker is a regular home loan broker, but one who gives trailing commission to their customers each month. Cash back mortgage brokers are rare creatures in the Australian lending market. Most home loan brokers don't share the monthly trailing commission with their customers, but our brokers do, and it's what makes them different. Contact us to find out more and to speak to a cash back mortgage broker now.

What is a Cash Back Mortgage?

A cash back mortgage is a home loan originated by a cash back mortgage broker. Like other home loan brokers, our cash back brokers have many lenders on their panel including the 'Big 4' banks, and hundreds of loans available. A cash back broker will discuss your needs with you, and present a range of lenders deals to you that meet your needs for you to select from. You don't have to select any specific lenders or loans to qualify for the commission refund that a cash back mortgage offers you.

Around six weeks after your loan has settled the lender starts paying 'trailing commission' each month, and for the life of the loan. The trailing commission refund is up to 0.3%p.a. of the loan balance. The percentage varies depending on the lender you choose. With a cash back mortgage you receive monthly commission amounts, less a $10 administration fee. Use our home loan cash back calculator as a guide to how much you could be entitled to receive.

How Will I Receive Payments?

Monthly commission payments will be credited to your nominated bank account by your cash back broker each month, less a $10 administration fee. On a $500,000 home loan balance that's around $50 to $100 a month in your bank account, without you doing a thing. Contact us to talk to a cash back mortgage broker and find out more.

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How Much Will My Trailing Commission Refund Be?

Use our cash back mortgage calculator below to find out how much trailing commission you could receive. Contact us to find out more.

Cash Back Mortgage Calculator

Loan Amount
Loan Term
Initial Monthly Commission Refund
5 Year Commission Refund Total
Loan Term Commission Refund Total
The commission refund amounts contained in this calculator are a guide only. No warranty or guarantee is offered as to the accuracy of this information. The amounts stated are net of the $10 monthly administration fee, and are based on your loan balance. As your loan balance decreases over the term of the loan, so too will your commission refund amounts in proportion. This calculator assumes minimum principal repayments are made over the loan term. ©Cash Back Mortgage Broking 2018

Want To Find Out More?

Contact a Cash Back Mortgage Broker about a cash back home loan, and get trailing commission in your account each month.

Are Cash Back Mortgage Rates Competitive?

Yes they are. You have access to the same lenders, deals and rates as you would with a non cash back mortgage broker. The home loan interest rates our cash back brokers offer are just as competitive as those a non cash back mortgage broker could offer. If you find a home loan interest rate elsewhere that you like, bring it to us to see if we can match it or better it. With a cash back broker you'll get a great rate and monthly home loan cash back payments as well.

The major difference using a cash back mortgage broker is that they refund trailing commission, less a $10 administration fee, directly into your bank account each month. Trailing commission is up to 0.3%p.a. of the balance of the loan, for the life of the loan. You receive this for doing nothing more than getting your loan through a cash back mortgage broker.

How Do I Get A Cash Back Home Loan?

The hardest part of getting a cash back home loan is finding out about cash back mortgage brokers, because there are so few home loan brokers willing to give trailing commission to their customers. But good on you, you found us! To get moving on a cash back mortgage approval to buy property, refinance or for something else, call or contact us, and a cash back mortgage broker will be in touch to help you.

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